Different messaging for proxy versus English bidding

As far as I can tell, there is no difference in the process for placing bids in a proxy bidding versus English bidding auction. It simply says "Enter your bid" regardless of which way the auction is setup. This is sufficient for English bidding but there should be a different process for proxy bidding. It should say "Enter your maximum bid" and have a message in the same box that says something to the effect of "Your bid will be increased automatically in increments of {the auction item's increments} until your maximum is reached." Otherwise, in a proxy bidding auction, there is no indication to the bidder that anything other than a single bid is taking place.

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  • Hi Regan,

    You are correct! With the proxy bidding, there is a way to enter a maximum bid so the system will automatically bid up to that maximum bid. That is done in the checkout process. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like.

    • Leanne Bernat This is the bare minimum of what I think the user needs to see in order to understand how the bids will progress. I feel like the user needs to see messaging that indicates the system will bid for them automatically, in the increment set on the item, until the maximum bid is exceeded. I feel like our target demographic doesn't have a lot of experience with online auctions so the more explanatory we can be, the more comfortable they will be, and the more money they'll be willing to spend.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Regan!  I think this is a great idea and will pass it along to the team so we can add it as an improvement on our auction campaigns.

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