How to register your organization on RallyUp

If you’re ready to fundraise, all you have to do to get started is register your organization!

The beauty of fundraising online with RallyUp is that you can start immediately! To begin fundraising for the causes you care about, you’ll need to get your organization registered and later verified.

How to register  

  1. First, create a free account here 
  2. Enter the country of your organization. If you are a U.S. organization, select your organization’s name from the list. Don’t see your organization? Click “I couldn’t find my organization – I want to add it”. If you are an organization outside of the U.S., enter your organization’s name. 
  3. Click CONTINUE.
  4. Tell us about your relationship with the organization. 5. Click START FUNDRAISING.

Verify your organization 

Once you’ve registered your organization, it will need to be verified in order to unlock RallyUp’s full fundraising capabilities. Why do we have a verification process? To protect you! 

We’ve put a verification process in place to ensure that the person registering the organization is authorized by the organization to do so. This process ultimately protects organizations against fraud.

What information is required?

Getting your organization verified is quick and simple. Here’s what we ask for:

  • A link to the organization’s website, on which the person registering the organization is listed.


  • A file or document showing their name tied to any organization. This needs to be uploaded to our platform.

If you have yet to submit any information for verification, you will see a purple banner across the top of the page serving as a reminder to verify your organization. Simply click on the “VERIFY ACCOUNT” button in the banner to submit the requested information!

After you submit the information needed, the banner will change colors and eventually disappear once your organization has been approved. 

Fundraising ability

While we are in the process of verifying your organization, you can still fundraise! There are just limits on your fundraising efforts until verification is complete. 

You can easily create and publish campaigns, as well as start collecting funds, but:  

  • Your fundraiser can only raise up to $2,000 USD (for non-USD campaigns, the limit is the equivalent amount of ~$2,000 in the other currency)
  • You only have 7 days to submit verification for your account via the “Verify Account” page above. The campaign will be frozen if no information is submitted within 7 days.

How to get setup for success

Organizations who run the most successful online fundraising campaigns on RallyUp get the best results from following a handful of best practices. Once you start fundraising, consider implementing the following options to raise more awareness and more funds!

Spice up your organization’s profile

Consider adding your logo, a description of your organization, your organization’s website and social media links to appear on your fundraising page. 

Find out how to add a description of your organization.

Add your personal touch with custom branding

Customize the look of your pages using our branding options to set your organization colors, custom header, subdomain and terminology. 

Find out how to set up a custom domain for your RallyUp account.

Get the whole team involved 

Invite other people in your organization to create and manage fundraisers. 

Find out how to add users to your organization account.

Ask your supporters to join in on the fun

Invite an individual or business to run a charity giveaway on your organization’s behalf. 

Find out how to allow a supporter to create a raffle or sweepstakes on RallyUp for your organization.

Keep your supporters around for the long haul

Customize your supporter center to coordinate all your fundraising activity. 

Find out how to centralize your fundraising at a branded supporter center.

Make simple donations easy

Setup a donation page for collecting one-time or recurring donations. 

Find out how to set up a donation page.

Have more questions? 

We’re here to help! Our team is available via chat on our website during normal business hours. Just hit the orange message button in the bottom right of your screen.

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