What is the "application fee" in my Stripe dashboard?

Learn more about how the fees in your Stripe dashboard are determined and displayed.

If you've set up direct funding for your organization's account, your Stripe dashboard will have detailed information about payments received through your fundraisers and payouts made to your bank account. 

You'll notice that most payments show an accompanying "application fee." 

The application fee is calculated differently depending on whether you're using tip pricing or percentage pricing as your selected pricing model. Here's how it breaks down:

If you're using tip pricing

Tip pricing does not deduct any RallyUp fees from any of your transactions. Instead, our operating costs are covered by optional tips left by your donors during checkout. 

If a donor leaves a tip, this will appear as an "application fee" on the transaction in your Stripe dashboard. Note that this was not actually a fee charged to you; the term "application fee" is set by Stripe, and RallyUp currently does not have the ability to change it. 

Because the total donation + tip amount is processed in one transaction (rather than charging your donor twice), the tip is deducted from the transaction and sent to RallyUp when it is processed by Stripe. 

If a donor does not leave a tip, no application fee will be shown for that payment.

Take this example:

 A donor makes a $10 donation and leaves a $2.50 tip. The total amount charged to the donor is $12.50. For this transaction, Stripe will show the total amount charged to the donor, the fees deducted, and finally, the net amount your organization receives.


Here's how this breaks down:

  • Your organization receives: $9.41 ($10 donation minus Stripe's processing fee of $0.66)
  • RallyUp receives: $2.43 ($2.50 tip minus Stripe's processing fee of $0.07)

If you're using percentage pricing

Percentage pricing applies a platform fee to each transaction. This processing fee ranges from 4.9%-7.9%, depending on your campaign type.

RallyUp's processing fee under the percentage plan will show as an "application fee" in your Stripe dashboard, while Stripe's fee shows as "Stripe processing fees". 

Take this example: 

A donor makes a $10 donation. Your Stripe dashboard will show the $10 donation made, along with the RallyUp application fee and Stripe’s own processing fees.


Here's how this breaks down:

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