How to set up entry levels for your raffle or sweepstakes fundraiser

Learn how to add and use various types of entry levels for your raffle or sweepstakes.

RallyUp provides many options for pricing entries on your raffle or sweepstakes campaign. This article talks about how to create and use entry levels. If you’d like to know more about strategies and best practices for using entries levels, please see this article:

Strategies and best practices for using entry levels

How to create an entry level

Each entry level you create allows you to define the number of chances to win (entries) that you’ll offer at each donation price point. Entry levels can also be associated with optional merchandise or ‘perks’ that apply.

For example, if you create a “10 entries for $10” entry level, this means that a donor who gives $10 will get 10 chances to win the prize(s).

This screenshot shows our default entry level setup, which we recommend for most cases. You can always edit, delete, and add more as you like:  

Merchandise with certain donation amounts

You can offer merchandise or gifts as a bonus at various donation levels. This can help incentivize donors to purchase more entries at higher donation amount translating to more funds raised for your organization. If you plan to offer merchandise with some levels or would like to include quantity-limited or time-limited entry levels (see related article above), then you’ll want to follow the instructions below for each of these entry level options.

How to enable and create entry levels with merchandise:

  1. Go to my campaigns in the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the campaign image.
  3. Click edit campaign*.
  4. In the timeline at the top, click raffle or sweepstakes depending on your campaign type.
  5. In the card at the top, select the button that says yes, I will offer merchandise for larger donations.
  6. In the card entitled set the number of entries for each donation amount, click add an entry level.
  7. Set the number of chances to win (entries) and the donation amount. Add a title and description for the number of entries and merchandise offered at that price level. 
  8. Click save when you’re done.

Each entry level you create will display on your fundraiser page as shown below, and donors can click to get entries at their preferred level.

Quantity-limited and Time-limited entry levels

You can create entry levels that offer a limited quantity or are only available during a specific time frame. See the link to the related article above for more information.

How to add Quantity and Time limits to an entry level:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 above.
  2. Click more options at the bottom of the box.
  3. Use the check boxes to enable a time limit and/or quantity limit on this entry level.
  4. Click save when you’re done.



Once an entry level’s quantity is sold out or its time has expired, it won’t be available to purchase on your fundraising page. When a quantity limited entry level has reached the amount available, it will display on the fundraising page like this:


When a time limited entry level has expired, the buy entries button will be disabled. See example below:


*Note: Terminology on these buttons may be different according to the terminology that you’ve chosen for your campaign.

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